Going for Gold

Anna Dello Russo on Headgear, Mummies and More

In the street style stakes, this year belongs to Anna Dello Russo. From her numerous appearances on sites such as the Sartorialist, Jak & Jil and Street Peeper, to the launch of her own blog this February (probably the most glittery, spangly web experience out there), to her increasing exposure in mainstream and print media (see her 10 magazine cover above), she has rapidly increased her profile to become one of the fashion world’s most recognizable personalities. But all this attention has not come without hard work: currently the editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, Dello Russo has been in the business for more than two decades, with previous stints as fashion editor at Vogue Italia and editor at L’Uomo Vogue. We caught up with Dello Russo (a self-proclaimed “Cinderella” figure) as she prepared to go to the ball—namely, photographer Giampaolo Sgura’s USA-themed Halloween extravaganza, which kicks off in Milan tomorrow night. 

Were you into Halloween as a child?

No, not at all, Halloween doesn’t exist where I come from [Bari in southern Italy]. As children, we used to dress in similar costumes for carnivals, but Halloween in Italy is new—I don’t know why. 
What is your favorite ever costume? The ensemble you wore for the Vogue Paris 90th anniversary this October was pretty incredible. 

Yes. The pieces [a custom white ball gown with train by Peter Dundas; a Gareth Pugh feathered headpiece] were unique. Nobody else has them. Haute couture. Also, I loved that I was in white and everybody else was in black. I like to surprise people––when people expect something I like to do the opposite. When thinking about balls, you are thinking about things you would never be allowed to wear; something exaggerated. I like impossible outfits.

But you’ve made it your trademark to wear almost impossible outfits as daywear. What is an impossible outfit for you?

A headpiece; a huge train; high wedges. When I came back after the Vogue ball I had a headache because the outfit was so heavy on my head.

How do you even get around wearing something like that?

In the car, leaning in the back seat. Someone helped me—my driver! 

And you’re doing something equally extravagant for Halloween?

Yes, it’s something good, but I want to dance this time, and I want to enjoy myself a little bit more with my friends, so it will be a little bit easier. 

You seem to be obsessed with gold—what’s the attraction?

Gold is my new black. Gold is my basic color now. I always loved gold since I was a kid. Now I love gold clothes, gold hair. I just love the color. It has so much resonance in art, music and history, too. My favorite historical hero is Tutankhamun the Egyptian. He wore gold, in a gold house and he is still sleeping in that gold outfit...

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