A Journey Through History

Black Tomato’s Dunhill-Inspired Travel Package to Mongolia

KT Auleta traveled through Mongolia on the back of a motorcycle, but if you’re looking for a smoother journey through the country then Dunhill and Black Tomato’s newest travel experience might be for you. The partnership between the classic British luxury brand and the forward-thinking travel company commemorates the historic global journey taken in 1930 by Dunhill manager Clement Court, one of the earliest 20th-century businessmen to realize the rich inspiration—and mass business opportunities—to be found in far-flung destinations. His trip across Asia in the 30s resulted in such Dunhill innovations as the Namiki pen, a hugely popular product embellished with ancient Japanese Maki-e designs. One of the many unusual trips on offer as part of the companies’ collaboration is a seven-day tour through Mongolia. Although the country is normally associated with nomads, frosty landscapes and dry terrain, Dunhill and Black Tomato are keen to show both its traditional and contemporary sides. It’s therefore a trip of contrasts: first comes Ulaanbaatar, where skyscrapers vie for attention with monasteries and temples. Here travelers divide their time between shopping at the city’s various luxury emporiums and visiting such cultural treasures as the Choijin Lam Temple museum. Then it’s into the wild, spotting eagle nests in mountainous Altantsogts and visiting a local shaman—spiritual epiphanies are not guaranteed, but certainly not out of the question. The full itinerary is available on the Black Tomato website—read it here.  


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