Discussion and Inspiration from Andre Walker and Masha Orlov

Andre Walker has always reveled in pushing boundaries, whether in his work as a designer (he launched his own line at 19), his role as a consultant at Marc Jacobs, or, most recently, his foray into the publishing world. His magazine TIWIMUTA (This Is What It Made Us Think About), with its wildly varied list of contributors, aims for those beautiful accidents that happen when you shake up a formula. The inaugural edition featured pieces from photographers Jean-Paul Goude and Ryan McGinley, designers Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones, and publisher Jonathan Newhouse, as well as stylist and artist Masha Orlov. NOWNESS caught up with Walker and Orlov ahead of the publication of TIWIMUTA Vol II. (themed around "The Weight of the World") at the end of this month.

What kind of ideas are you pouring into TIWIMUTA?

My reference is creativity. Or the idea of something being created from the start—biologically. Creating a distraction that will eventually lead to the germination of ideas, processes and new ideals.

Masha: And touching the pages, it makes you think. It gives you a break, because there is so much information to take in.

Andre: When I got your piece for the new issue, I was so delighted. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I had a partner in crime, someone who was taking the fashion shoot to a whole other level. This is what TIWIMUTA is about, a realist editorial process and fearless selection process. If I’m in a cab with a woman and I have a conversation with her for an hour, after I’ve reached my destination I know that that woman has to be in the magazine. That’s my approach, totally intuitive and entirely inclusive. I don’t want to establish any dislikes or objections to the current fashion world or the artistic process of the fashion world, or the art or creative world. 

Why isn't TIWIMUTA a website?

Andre: It is an object, a zine, something you can hold and cherish and go back to over and over again. It pretends to be just a book, but really, it is a universe of relentless ideas-seeking. We get a chance to show the work of unknown artists, to discover new ideas, and the chance to play with what we imagine a magazine should be. Right now we’re so immersed in the digital era I feel like if you’re going to make a magazine, this is what it needs to look like. 

Why do you think guys work so well together?

Andre: I love her sensibility. The first time I noticed her work was in one of the stories she did for Self Service. I liked the fact she made use of the people around her in her community, and I remember her taking photos and using people from bands, people that were a direct part of her environment, and using them in her work for fashion. 

Masha: Andre takes me to different places of thought and perception, and different ways of looking at one thing, even a way a person walks. We can hang out anywhere, and talk about anything. That’s what I like most about Andre, talking with him.

Andre: Also, I’m an obsessive person. 

Masha: We’re both obsessive.

Have you been on any memorable adventures together?

Andre: We do a lot of mind travel over a cup of coffee or tea. 

Masha: Riding our bikes down the West Side highway is an adventure, taking a midnight ride down the Hudson River…

Andre: I introduced Masha to a friend of mine, Tyler, and they got married—how many years later?

Masha: Four years after we met I got married. And Andre was one of the reasons I was inspired to move to Paris. I was an intern at Paper Mag in the late 90s and I read about Andre Walker and these amazing Americans in Paris and I was like, "Oh my God, I have to study there and go check out these people." It was so fortunate I met Andre right away.

Andre: Masha is amazing, she helped me through many rough periods. I don't know if you've heard anything about me but I guess I'm a crazy.

Masha: You're beautiful, you're sensitive. Hyper sensitive.


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