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June 25, 2014

Mike D’s Surf Safari

Breaking Waves in Baja with Spike Jonze, Rob Machado and the Beastie Boy Turned Monster Children Guest Editor

“Alex Kopps was a genius for having this digital voice recorder with him all the time,” says Mike D of the filmmaker who shot his all-star trip to surf haven Baja California. “Just recording random conversations. There are some hidden treats there. Spike Jonze got a sense of this, captained the recorder and would kind of steer the dialogue.” Full-name Michael Diamond, the Beastie Boy and Brooklynite has been surfing for nearly a decade, since his son Davis became surf-obsessed at the age of two. When asked to guest edit the art, surf and skateboarding quarterly Monster Children, he set about commissioning the trip: in addition to director Jonze he was joined by professional wave-breakers Kassia Meador, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, Tanner Rozunko and Rob Machado. The plan was to ride Mexico’s Baja Peninsula—but the weather had different ideas, and strong seasonal winds all but killed the swell. Determined, the clan hit the beach well before sunrise each morning, and passed a blissful week fueled by new friendships, sweet rides, cool beers and a whole lot of peanut butter and jelly.—Timothée Verrecchia

Monster Children #43 is on shelves now.

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Testing the Olympic Waters

Previewing Zaha Hadid’s New Aquatics Center at the FINA Diving World Cup

Photographer Andrew Woffinden captures the charged rehearsals for FINA’s Diving World Cup at architect Zaha Hadid’s sweeping modernist vision, the new London Aquatics Center. A regular contributor to GQ, Elle and TANK Magazine, Woffinden turned his lens on the 250 divers from 40 different countries perfecting their somersaults and twists from the 10m-high boards. “The space is absolutely gorgeous,” says Woffinder of the Pritzker Prize-winning architect’s epic 17,500-capacity creation. “It beautifully sweeps up like Manta Ray wings.” By the time the championships climax on Sunday with the platform dive-off, there will already have been seven days of pool time, with heats in synchronized and single diving featuring some of the most exciting athletes in the sport today, such as Australia’s 2008 Olympic 10m platform gold medalist Matthew Mitcham and Britain’s high-profile Tom Daley. But it was Team China who dominated the competition’s early stages with partners Qin Kai and Luo Yutong taking gold at the men’s synchronized 3m springboard, and Chen Ruolin winning the Women’s 10m platform. Diving at the Summer Olympics is scheduled to take place from July 29 through August 11.

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Giles Price: E20 12

The Photographer Hangs Out of a Helicopter for Aerial Views of East London’s Olympic Park

The striking geometry of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, featuring exposed hockey pitches and tennis courts and Anish Kapoor’s Orbit tower mid-build, are revealed in Giles Price’s awe-inspiring photographs of the ambitious site in Stratford. A former Royal Marine Commando, Price hung out of the side of a twin-engine helicopter to take the arresting aerial images. Depicting areas of the Olympic Park under construction during the past two years, Price’s approach provides unique views dotted with moments of serendipitous, abstract beauty. “At first I started taking pictures around the fencing of the Olympic site, but quickly realized the only way you could really see what is going on is from the air,” he says. “I found that they hadn’t restricted the air space, so anyone could fly over it.” Currently displayed in his E20 12: Under Construction exhibition at the Granary Building in King’s Cross, London, the series includes a sneak peek at the grounds for Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony; the Olympic Village, which will house approximately 16,000 athletes during the two week event; and profiles of some construction workers. Price wanted to recognize the labor that had gone into the gargantuan undertaking of building one of the largest urban parks in Europe constructed over the past 150 years. “I thought it was important to get the workers in there,” explains the photographer. “Boris Johnson [the Mayor of London] and the athletes have been shot a million times.”


Number of helicopter flights

Time in the air
Six hours.

Total number of aerial shots
60 to 70.

Total number of Olympic site workers shot by Price

Number of buildings demolished to accommodate the Olympic Park

Number of construction industry workers involved in building the venues
2.8 million.

Number of Iron Age skeletons excavated from the site

Capacity of Olympic Stadium
80,000 people (to be reduced to 25,000 after the Games).

Capacity of all venues combined
Approximately 200,000 people.

Number of times London has hosted the Olympic Games

Giles Price's E20 12: Under Construction exhibition is at London's King Cross Granary Building until the end of the July.

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