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July 30, 2014

Breaking Waves With Stephanie Gilmore

A Career-Spanning 16mm Documentary on Surfing’s Leading Lady

Surf enthusiast Ava Warbick was in Honolua, Hawaii, in 2007 when she first caught word of Stephanie Gilmore, the first ever rookie to win the Women’s World Championship. Gripped by Gilmore’s consummate skill and poise, the aspiring filmmaker looked to her father, Doug “Claw” Warbrick (founder of surf brand Rip Curl), for pointers, and gained unbridled access to the Australian for three years. The resulting documentary, Stephanie in the Water, released this month, sheds light on the pro surfer’s beginnings at the age of 21 through to her prolific rise to become a five-time world champion, and the pressure to stay at the top of the sport. “Stephanie is radiant and grounded and illustrates true poise,” says Warbick, who captured Gilmore’s elegant swan dive kick-outs in locations that included Micronesia and Puerto Rico. “I was interested in what allows someone to perform and stay present at that elite level,” she adds. Collaborating with an all-female production team, the director completed her debut with an original score from Brooklyn-based producers Fall on Your Sword. Here, Gilmore shares her favorite warm-up music and Diana Vreeland’s timeless bikini advice. 

Who have been some of the women to inspire you over the years?
Stephanie Gilmore: [fellow pro surfers] Lisa Andersen and Kelia Moniz, for they are beauty on a wave. I admire Maria Sharapova's ambition and what she has done for the athletic female image and equality in sport.

You ultimate surf music? 
Tame Impala is great surf music, Daft Punk just makes me want to party on the wave. And if I'm ever needing to get in the mood to paddle out, I listen to “Sunny" by Marvin Gaye.

One thing we'd be surprised to know about you?
My pre-heat warm-up song is "100% Pure Love" by Crystal Waters.

Any secret talents?
I will beat you in table tennis.

You've cited Rihanna as a style icon––what's the most glamorous surf get-up you own? 
As Diana Vreeland said: “The bikini is the most important thing since the Atom bomb." I guess my whole wardrobe is pretty glamorous.

Stephanie in the Water is available August 5 on iTunes.

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Rafael Nadal's 25th Birthday

Celebrate the Left-Handed Heartthrob’s Quarter Century with Five of Tennis’s Greatest Male Stars

Currently competing in the 2012 French Open at Paris’s Roland Garros, Spanish tennis champion Rafael Nadal turns 25 today. To mark the occasion, NOWNESS unearthed young images of the sport’s other gifted enfants terribles: Las Vegas bad boy Andre Agassi, Ice-cool Björn Borg, John “You cannot be serious!” McEnroe, precocious Boris Becker, and wild-at-heart Goran Ivanisevic have all triumphed at the majors in headline-making style. One of the world’s best current players, Nadal exploded onto the world stage in 2005 by winning the French Open, becoming only the second person to do so at the first attempt. Revered for his virtuosity on clay, in 2008 Nadal reached new heights when he triumphed on the Wimbledon lawns and reached number one in the world rankings, dethroning the formidable Roger Federer. Reaching a Career Grand Slam by winning the US Open in 2010, Nadal’s status has recently been challenged by current number one Novak Djokovic. At the Australian Open earlier this year, the Serb bested Nadal in a nail-biting five-set final that played out over an epic five hours and 53 minutes, the longest in Grand Slam history. Nadal’s progress at Roland Garros this week will determine whether he can crown his birthday with a record-breaking seventh French Open title (he is currently tied with Borg on six), and win the event for the third consecutive year.

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Gymnast: In Motion

Somersaulting Trampolinists Rise and Fall in Director Steve Harries' Reflective Short

The elegant movements and athletic prowess of five twirling trampolinists are captured in photographer Steve Harries’ new short film, ahead of this weekend’s trampolining World Cup Series event at China’s Taiyuan City. Inspired by German photographer Andreas Gursky, American minimalist Robert Morris’s Mirrored Cubes, and the typography and graphics of British vorticist magazine BLAST, Harries constructed a floating set to capture the multi-perspectival reflections of the bouncing athletes. Performing up to 7.5 meters in the air—shot from a tall camera tower beneath a rig suspending the set, mirrors and lights from the ceiling—professional gymnasts Nathan Bailey, Kat Driscoll, Bryony Page, Emma Smith and Steven Williams’s bodies were broken up into fragmented forms and motions by a bank of six mirrors. “It was always really important that these mirrors existed somewhere that was ambiguous, but also that you could see they were in a space,” explains Harries. “It was a set suspended. We could control the way in which the mirrors were angled to abstract the movement as the athletes passed through them.”


Number of athletes

Height of camera tower
Five meters.

Height of mirrors
Six meters.

Height of the studio
Ten meters.

Distance from mirrors to camera
Twelve meters.

Distance from athlete to mirrors
4.5 meters.

Designers used
Adidas, Calvin Klein Collection, Raf Simons, Sunspel, Wolford, Y3.

Bespoke clothes made for the shoot
Six gymnast leggings, six gymnast shoes, and 12 sports vests designed by stylist John McCarty with patterns made by Fiona Ransom.

Hair products used
Five elastic bands, 25 hairpins, Bumble and Bumble wax.


Camera used
Arri Alexa.

Stills film
Kodak Portra.

Soundtrack on set
The trampolines.

Average number of bounces, per athlete per take

See the magic behind the scenes at Steve Harries' gymnastic shoot in our Facebook-only video, here.

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