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July 25, 2014

We Are Shining: Hot Love

Going Rogue on the Streets of London With Model-of-the-Moment Adwoa Aboah

Freckled beauty Adwoa Aboah loses herself to the beat-scattered, gospel blues of We Are Shining in their video for new single "Hot Love," directed by Simon Cahn. The London-based outfit made up of Morgan Zarate and Acyde, garnered attention with an early release on Young Turks (as The Shining), while their recent collaboration with breakout singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle, “Killing,” made waves with a flinch-inducing viral video capturing a dancer seemingly unaware of throwing knives narrowly missing her head. "There's a lot of experimental Afro, Latin and European music from the late 1960s to 1980s," Zarate and Acyde say of their current playlists. "In terms of production it's about putting yourself in another world and getting the music to sound like that place." Following a cosmic mix tape, Devileyes, today's ecstatic video by the Parisian filmmaker comes ahead of the duo's debut album out later this year on Marathon Artists. Its free-spirited protagonist Aboah, who has fronted campaigns for H&M and Henry Holland and is the daughter of Camilla Lowther and Charles Aboah, makes the ultimate muse. "I wanted her to be almost like Juliette Binoche in Lovers on the Bridge, which isn’t an easy thing to pull off," says Cahn.

"Hot Love" is released on Marathon Artists on September 8.

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Kylie Minogue: Sexercize

The Pop Siren's Hyper-Kitsch Collaboration with Roman Coppola Launches Her New Audio-Visual Experience

“When I was a kid there were a lot of custom cars made for bands or television shows: The Pink Panther and The Monkees had incredible vehicles,” says Roman Coppola, whose Special Projects division of the Director’s Bureau created this thrillingly lurid video for “Sexercize,” co-starring a bespoke Maserati. “I thought to myself: ‘I’ll make a custom car for Kylie.’” The homage to Kenneth Anger’s 1965 short Kustom Kar Kommandos makes up just one facet of an ambitious multimedia hub built by Chandelier Creative, who continue the pop queen’s long-held campaign of constant reinvention with an array of different digital responses to the latest single from her 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once. “We were speaking to Kylie while she was recording the album, and we knew she was inspired by a particular time and aesthetic: late 1970s/early 1980s French Vogue with a bit of an Olivia Newton-John or Jane Fonda aerobics fashion filter,” says Chandelier Creative Director Richard Christiansen. “She explained that what she wanted was ‘naughty, but with a wink,’ and I started thinking about vintage Pirelli Calendars.’” Chandelier commissioned Jean-Paul Gaultier to make an animation with Mat Maitland, asked the artist Reilly to design animated GIFs of Dolce & Gabbana looks, and put together a film with National Geographic spotlighting animal mating rituals. The question they asked each collaborator, who also include illustrator Hattie Stewart and platform VFiles, was this: “How do you sexercize?” The answers are revealed here, but before you go, let Kylie give her two cents: “It is racy but above all fun, and can 'be' whatever you want it to be,” she says. “If you're old enough to be a VHS generation kid, you will probably manifest your own workout video in your head after one listen—lycra is optional!”

Kiss Me Once is available now.

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Petit Fantôme: L

Rosanna Webster and Charlie Sheppard's Archive Collage Accompanies the French Touch Renaissance Man's Poignant Track

“It’s a take on the extreme and feverish phases of love and heartbreak,” says artist and designer Rosanna Webster of the panoply of forgotten film excerpts that she and fellow creative Charlie Sheppard shaped into a dream-logic music video for Petit Fantôme’s lovelorn track “L”. “We gleaned the footage from a huge bank of amazing, beautiful and somewhat bizarre copyright-free material online. The task really was editing down and being selective as we trawled though reams of film, the highlight being some early how-to dating guides.” Inspired by internet art trailblazer Rafaël Rozendaal as much as Dada-era photographer and collagist Erwin Blumenfeld, the pair have also created an interactive version of the video, premiering here on the site of Petit Fantôme, AKA Pierre Loustaunau. The Bordeaux-based musician releases a new album with his full-time band François and the Atlas Mountains in March, before touring France with Metronomy in April under his solo guise. “Charlie and Rosanna totally matched the sentiment of the song,” he says of today's video. “The track tells a love story between two people with complex personalities, and they found the romance, poetry and longing that I was looking for.”

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