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April 19, 2014

Trois Soeurs

Adventures in Monochrome in a Spellbinding French Fashion Short

“When you're a young artist, you don't really have another choice than preserving an independent spirit if you want to make your ideas happen,” says Zoë Le Ber, who stars in the seductively languid Trois Soeurs alongside fellow Parisians Solene Hebert, last year’s face of Nina Ricci, and Priscilla de Laforcade, an actress and member of the indie-pop duo Les Chanteuses. Directed by Bulgarian photographer and filmmaker Elina Kechicheva, the trio form part of a generation of emerging models, actresses and singer-songwriters, with mutlti-hyphenate Le Ber recently directing the exhibitionist art short, Hors Les Murs for fashion and culture title Purple. “French cinema is known for its unexpectedness and accessibility, and today there is still the same drive as the days of the 'New Wave' to do something living and pertinent,” says Herbert.“The cinema is still so young," adds Le Ber. “The nouvelle vague was just the first intense wave of a long series, I hope.”

Favorite French classic film?
Zoë Le Ber:
Playtime by Jacques Tati
Solene Hebert: Pierrot Le Fou by Jean Luc Godard
Priscilla de Laforcade: La Maman et la Putain by Jean Eustache

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Laura Pannack: Natural Selection

The Photographer's Young British Naturists Series is Given an Illustrated Dressing Up

Laura Pannack’s intimate portraits of the wistful day-to-day life at naturist retreats are transformed by illustrator Micah Lidberg. Taken from Pannack’s latest exhibition at White Cloth gallery in Leeds, England, the series saw the photographer immerse herself in the life of the Young British Naturists, a group for unclothed under 30s. Following the end of the exhibition last week, today’s protagonists—who until now have been displayed undressed on the Leeds gallery wall—are clothed in the latest from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Jake & Dinos Chapman’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garçons. One group play boules in restrictive get-up from J.W. Anderson while another eat bags of chips in outfits and sunglasses by Prada, all drawn by Lidberg whose recent work includes collaborating on the music video for Coldplay’s “Atlas.” “It’s only natural to use clothing as an indication of what someone will be like,” says London-based Pannack, who has shown in the National Portrait Gallery and was the recipient of the The Royal Photographic Society’s Vic Odden Award. Exploring the group’s decision to bring forth a practice usually reserved for moments of privacy into a more public domain, she immersed herself in their collective liberation by meeting them unclothed herself. “It was a rare opportunity for me to be more vulnerable than my subjects and experience a unique situation of meeting people, with no signals or clues that may encourage me to judge or pigeonhole them.”

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Tory Burch: Making of a Show

Behind the Scenes at the Launch of the New York Designer’s Fall Collection

Catch an insider’s glimpse of the energy that enveloped the Tory Burch Fall 2013 show in Tabitha Denholm’s ethereal short. In addition to the designer herself, models Cara Delevingne and Julia Nobis, stylist Tabitha Simmons, hair stylist Eugene Souleiman and makeup artist Diane Kendal are the protagonists captured in the unveiling of the label’s Gustav Klimt-inspired collection at New York’s Pierre Hotel. Jewel-tone colors, romantic prints and rich embellishment added to the luxe extravaganza, soundtracked here by wistful Canadian duo Blue Hawaii. “Tory is one of the most inspirational and hardworking women I know,” marvels Simmons, who has worked with the designer on all seasonal collections since 2010. “She’s incredibly sharp and notices every single element down to a microscopic level.” This attention to detail has propelled Pennsylvania-born Burch from a philanthropist and entrepreneur to one of the foremost American designers of her generation. As Souleiman raves: “She has exquisite taste and the environment she creates has the same kind of sensibility. I love that she is a woman designing for women, and her collections are always based on her personal style.”

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