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August 27, 2014

L’Avenue Shanghai: Rencontre

An After-Hours Romance in the Luxury Destination’s Second Fashion Film

Radiant model Amber Anderson and menswear face Hao Yun Xiang plunge into the bright lights and dark corners of L’Avenue Shanghai in Rencontre, the second short directed by Nathalie Canguilhem. Inspired by the luxury mall’s illuminated exterior and architecture centered around its hemispherical dome, the film is set to a hypnotic score by emerging French artist Liza Manili and maverick producer 1963. “I wanted to create a sense of commotion,” says Canguilhem, who spliced together voyeuristic footage taken from L’Avenue Shanghai’s CCTV cameras, which shows the loved-up protagonists getting lost in the mall’s French-style gardens in looks from Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. “The shape of the building is naturally cinematic,” says the director of the cinematography, which referenced Chris Marker’s La Jetée and the contrasting hues of Blade Runner. “The nighttime Shanghai light is really vivid. It’s not silver, it’s white, and the reflection travels.”

Watch part one of our L’Avenue Shanghai double bill: Desir.

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Adam Driver: Boy On Top

Clowning Around On a Manhattan Rooftop With the Girls Breakout Star

With Chelsea’s Hudson River as the backdrop, Adam Driver reaches new heights in this kinetic portrait by So It Goes magazine. The roguish actor and leading male star of Lena Dunham’s hit series Girls has had a wayward journey from his childhood in Mishawaka, Indiana, to a recent role in Noah Baumbach’s black-and-white comedy drama Frances Ha, via stints as a vacuum salesman, Marine, and undergraduate at New York’s Juilliard School for performing arts. These coy and candid moments are soundtracked by Stones Throw records' rising hip-hop star Jonwayne, and reveal 29-year-old Driver's raw magnetism, as well as hinting at his frustration of being medically discharged after two years in the US armed forces—a rejection that he feels provided the springboard for his recent creative renewal. “The Marine Corps is an organization that prides itself on communicating and working as a cohesive unit,” says Driver, who is looking ahead to the next season of Girls and Baumbach's next film, While We Were Young, set for release in 2015. “We had acronyms for everything but the emphasis really wasn't on explaining a shared experience or talking things through. I felt like I had something I wanted to say but I didn't know how to say it—I still don’t really.”

So It Goes issue two is on sale now.

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Laura Pannack: Natural Selection

The Photographer's Young British Naturists Series is Given an Illustrated Dressing Up

Laura Pannack’s intimate portraits of the wistful day-to-day life at naturist retreats are transformed by illustrator Micah Lidberg. Taken from Pannack’s latest exhibition at White Cloth gallery in Leeds, England, the series saw the photographer immerse herself in the life of the Young British Naturists, a group for unclothed under 30s. Following the end of the exhibition last week, today’s protagonists—who until now have been displayed undressed on the Leeds gallery wall—are clothed in the latest from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Jake & Dinos Chapman’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garçons. One group play boules in restrictive get-up from J.W. Anderson while another eat bags of chips in outfits and sunglasses by Prada, all drawn by Lidberg whose recent work includes collaborating on the music video for Coldplay’s “Atlas.” “It’s only natural to use clothing as an indication of what someone will be like,” says London-based Pannack, who has shown in the National Portrait Gallery and was the recipient of the The Royal Photographic Society’s Vic Odden Award. Exploring the group’s decision to bring forth a practice usually reserved for moments of privacy into a more public domain, she immersed herself in their collective liberation by meeting them unclothed herself. “It was a rare opportunity for me to be more vulnerable than my subjects and experience a unique situation of meeting people, with no signals or clues that may encourage me to judge or pigeonhole them.”

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